Friday, October 7, 2011

Meet Our Vendors-Amarilo

Tomorrow is the big day!
Want to meet one more awesome vendor? I thought so.
Ali from amarilo designs
Sew Funky Market: When did you first open your shop? What made you decide to open your shop?
amarilo designs: I opened shop a little less than a year ago. I decided to open it because I wanted an outlet (more like an excuse) to create jewelry, without the very high cost of making it a hobby. I am so glad I opened it, because it really helps me pay for college tuition.
SFM: What is your best selling item? What is your favorite item to create?
ad: My best selling item is definitely my "Little Bow Ring" in gold filled and sterling silver.

I believe it sells well because it definitely shows off being handmade from start to finish. My other best seller is my "luxe necklace ultra long". It is very long and delicate, but really beautiful since it is so long. I believe women love this necklace because it is very feminine, and looks very expensive, but it is still affordable. I make it entirely of 14 kt gold filled chain and bezeled cubic zirconias that sparkle exactly like diamonds.

    My most favorite item to create is definitely rings. My all time favorite ring to both wear and create is my "ethos ring set."

I love this ring because it is so different to anything I have seen or even worn, but still makes me feel pretty in a non conformed way.  I never leave the house without this ring! I am also biased to ALL gold jewelry. I also love working with gold, and although I can recreate everything in sterling silver, I can't get enough of the warming glow and spark of excitement that gold inspires in me.
SFM: Tell us more about you [your family, "day job", kids?, favorite things to do, your dog!, ways to inspire others, etc.]
ad: I am a college student, the poor kind. The kind where any money is sucked up by textbooks, tuition that makes me cringe, and of course the fees that go along with it like food, gas, and rent! I am concentrating on my jewelry business and transitioning to make it a full time job, but I also have my day job, which is teaching jewelry classes at a local Michaels…LOVE!
My favorite things to do are mostly jewelry related. I LOVE going to jewelry expo's, and finding gemstones of beautiful texture, unique cuts, and rare colors. I also hate going to these because I always spend TOO much.
I also love spending my time with my boyfriend, who is by far the most supportive individual in both my life and jewelry venture; without him, I really wouldn't have gotten this far, so I am extremely grateful for this amazing guy! When we have time, we go to the movies, and I drag him to previously mentioned jewelry expos; he's the best.
Be sure to visit Ali on her new blog (she's doing a giveaway when she reaches 50 followers!)
But more importantly- come out and see all our awesome vendors TOMORROW at the fall Sew Funky Market!

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