Monday, October 3, 2011

Meet Our Vendors-Shining Stars Boutique

Ready for more reasons to come to Sew Funky this weekend?
Jessica from Shining Stars Boutique.
Sew Funky Market: When did you first open your shop? What made you decide to open your shop?
Shining Stars Boutique: I opened my shop in November 2008 with a good friend of mine.  She actually suggested we do it on Etsy, of which I had never heard of (but have come to LOVE!).  We both liked making things for our daughter's that didn't cost us an 'arm and a leg' from an online boutique or in a local boutique store. :)  It was very important to provide items at a reasonable price that were also an awesome quality.  About 6 months after opening our shop, my friend decided to break off on her own and go into photography.  She left the shop to me and we both have done very well doing what we absolutely love!
SFM: What is your best selling item? What is your favorite item to create?
SSB: My best selling item would have to be my felt clippies.  They are just so popular!  There are so many fun and unique designs that are able to be used for a variety of occasions.  My daughter alone has hundreds of them! :)  I don't have a favorite item to create - I am a very crafty person and love creating anything. :)  I have really enjoyed making clippies and bows, though, as I love to see how excited my daughter gets when I make something new for her, or when a customer sends me a sweet message letting me know how much they loved their purchase.  It makes it all worth the effort. :)
SFM: Tell us more about you
SSB: I am 30 years old and have been happily married for 8 years.  I have 2 kids:  a 5 year old daughter and a 9 month old son.  We also have 2 indoor cats: Scrump and Shasta. :)  I used to be a florist for 13 years before I finally quit my job early this year to be a 'stay-at-home' mommy/wife and do my Etsy shop full-time.  It was a big decision, with today's economy and all, but I am doing what I love and couldn't be happier!  Maybe one day when my kids are both in school, I will go back to college to get my Masters in Psychology (my true passion!).
SFM: What is your shop goal [besides making money!] ?
SSB: After being inspired by my daughter (as a toddler) to want to be very girly with her hair accessories (and now that I have a baby boy, I am inspired by my friends and their baby girls!), I have made it my goal to not only have my 'little angel shine', but every little girl!  I strive to specialize in cute hair accessories that are made with quality supplies, are interchangeable for different looks, and also wearable by girls of all ages - not just babies and toddlers.
SFM: What's your design process?
SSB:  My design process is simple, really.  I tend to go with what my daughter likes and what my friends/customers request.  Once I have ideas in mind, I search out the supplies to complete them and when finished, introduce them in my shop. Recently, I have been able to use Facebook and my fan page to get some feedback from even more friends/customers than I had been able to before. :)
Jessica has a brand new Facebook page. Be sure to click over and follow her. And, of course, check out her shop and start making your wishlist for the market!

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