Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet Our Vendors- Kutz, Paper, Scissors

Howdy folks! It's Meagan from Fairly Fabulous. I'm excited to help introduce you to some of the amazing Sew Funky Market vendors and their gorgeous products over the next several weeks.
Today, meet Andrea from Kutz, Paper, Scissors.
 Sew Funky Market: When did you first open your shop? What made you decide to open your shop?
Kutz, Paper, Scissors: I opened my shop in the Spring of 2011.  I had been thinking about it for a long time and decided that I was ready to made a big jump because I was seriously loving creating fun projects!
SFM: Tell us more about you.
KPS: I am the lucky Mommy to a beautiful, adventurous and energized little boy who is starting preschool this year and married to my fantastic High School sweetheart.  I went to school to become a teacher but have been lucky enough to stay-at-home with my son who was born with serious medical issues but who is doing much better now.  Crafting has always been more than a past time for me, it seems to be part of my genetic makeup!  My Grandma and Great Grandma taught me how to quilt and crochet (which I don't do well!), while my Mom taught me how to sew and follow a patterns - but since most patterns still confuse me, I end up making all of my own patterns from trial and error.  I just get an amazing feeling of accomplishment whenever I sew something fun, beautiful and useful and realize that I made it!   We have a pet tortoise - Rango - who will grow up to weigh 100 lbs - 150 lbs and will be huge!  Like a ride on lawn mower!  I'm blessed to be super close with my family and often times I cannot tell the difference between my best friends and family!  Everyone melds together to be just a unit of love and fun!
SFM: Do you blog? If so- tell us about your blog.
KPS:  I do blog, I started blogging when I became an Ambassador for a Die Cutting company and have mostly featured papercrafting projects but am starting to share more posts about decor and sewing projects because that's where my interest/heart is right now!
SFM: Do you have any tutorials you would like to share?
Sure!  I have a flower rolling tutorial here and a no-bake recipe here - the recipe is BY FAR my favorite - it's delicious!!!  In fact, I think I'll make some today!

SFM: What is your best selling item? What is your favorite item to create?
KPS:  My best selling item is my Personalized Subway Art, I even have 2 of them in my home and am brainstorming 2 others!
My favorite item to create is my NEW Hooty Hoot bags - I love how fun and cute they are
BUT I also love the children's snack and toy bandelero - I think they're super cool and practical, the best part being that the child doesn't realize their practical!

Speaking of her etsy shop- check out a few more adorable Kutz, Paper, Scissors products!
Be sure to visit Andrea on her Facebook page, her blog, and (of course!) shop her etsy shop!

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  1. Thanks so much, ladies - I appreciate all of your hard work! And it was fun sharing about me and my business!