Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet Our Vendors- Earth Cookie

Time to meet another Sew Funky vendor.
Jessica from Earth Cookie.
Sew Funky Market: When did you first open your shop? What made you decide to open your shop?
Earth Cookie:  About three years ago after the birth of my firstborn I started tapping into my creative side.  Then as my husband says I can't seem to have a hobby that I don't parlay into a business.  However with this business I actually love what I do.
SFM: What is your best selling item? What is your favorite item to create?
EC:  Pinwheels Pinwheels Pinwheels and actually those are my favorite items to create as well.
SFM: Tell us more about you
EC:  I am a mother of two young boys (my pride and joy) and my darling hubby.  We live in Southern Cali and everyday I'm amazed at how blessed we are.
SFM: What's your design process? Where do you get your inspiration?
EC:  I'm a big fan of browsing craft fairs, flea markets and of course nature.  Nature seems to be my main source for inspiration.  Sometimes its just refreshing to sit outside and clear my head and then start creating with a fresh mind.

Check out Jessica's shop and follow her blog for all the latest Earth Cookie updates!

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  1. I love the pinwheels too! We just used some of them at my daughters party this past Saturday! Can't wait to see everything at Sew Funky!