Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meet Our Vendors-From Cali with Love

Meagan here.
Back again to introduce you to this week's featured vendor-
Sew Funky Market: When did you first open your shop? What made you decide to open your shop?
From Cali with Love: Today! Haha, Actually, ten years ago i heard a pastor speaking, encouraging college students to pursue their talents, to let God direct you toward the gifts he gave you. If you have a burning passion to do it, obey God and do it. I had a passion to paint so I went home and did. I was frozen by fear to do what I love, but i just had faith that God will bring me throught it for His greater plan. Since then my friends & family really encouraged me to take everything to next level!

SFM: What is your best selling item? What is your favorite item to create?
FCWL: I do these funky paintings that are drawn with sharpie markers, acrylics, and have little birds, flowers and are totally abstract. Right now, I love doing birds. I'm all about the birds.
SFM: What's your design process? Where do you find your inspiration?
FCWL: I'm inspired by things that I see and love, things that brings me joy. I see things like children, bicycles, birds, etc. in real life and imagine them on canvas. Before I start I pray about it. Pray it doesn't suck! :) I'll take a sharpie & a blank canvas, add acrylic, and start. No time frame, minutes, even hours on each little part.
SFM: What is your shop goal [besides being profitable]?
FCWL: bottom line, to glorify God. I'm an encourager & enjoy using my paintings to show others how to overcome there fear and pursue their dream
Daphne is certainly glorifying God and using her talents in an amazing way!
She is a repeat vendor with Sew Funky Market and we are so thrilled to have her back!
Please take a few minutes to visit Daphne's new Facebook page for a few sneak peeks into what she is working on for our October show!

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